Ruby Conf Australia 2013

20-22 February 2013

Melbourne, Australia

Conference is over

Until next time, happy programming!


From the RubyConfAU Team

RubyConfAU Social Events

February 19, 2013

As delegates gather, we have news of social events for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Visit the site to see more!

Envato, our Ruby Level Sponsor

February 15, 2013

Hi fellow Rubyists,

As RubyConfAU is just around the corner we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our principal and Ruby Level Sponsor - Envato. When we first announced to RubyConfAU we were a little worried about finding sponsors. It turns out we needn’t have been as Envato jumped on board within days. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and their support of the Australian Ruby community, both through RubyConfAU and their other contributions to community building are very much appreciated.

And now some words from our sponsor:

Envato is a company based out of Melbourne, Australia with staff around the world. We operate marketplaces where millions of people buy and sell digital goods every day, and a network of educational blogs where millions learn creative skills.

Our background is creative. We love open source, we believe that work is about way more than just making money, and we're totally committed to making products that are awesome!

We're destroying the rumour that Rails applications can't scale. Our marketplaces have over 2 million items for sale and serve over 7 million dynamic page requests a day.

We're bootstrapped, profitable and proud.

All 9 of our marketplaces run from one codebase and one server farm. There are genuinely interesting and challenging problems to solve when you operate at this scale across so many markets.

The Stats:

  • 105 million pageviews per month across the entire network.
  • 50 million requests per week processed by the Rails Stack.
  • 1 pool table in our office.

So once again, thanks to Envato and all of our sponsors!

We look forward to catching up with all of you next week.

Rails Girls

February 12, 2013

We have made mention before that a Rails Girls event will be running in conjunction with the conference on the workshops day.

The Rails Girls workshop kicks off with an installation party on the evening of Tuesday, February 19. The next day attendees are guided in the use of Ruby on Rails to build a web application.

Registration is free!

For more details of the event, please visit Rails Girls Melbourne.

Making More Tickets Available

February 3, 2013

Dear fellow Rubyists

Last week we announced that Ruby Conf Australia was sold out, and it definitely was! We have a 300 person upper limit for seating in the main keynote room, and our ticket allocations had already crept over that number.

Since announcing the news we heard from many of you about securing a ticket, only to find out that there was virtually no chance as our ticket wait list was already brimming with approximately 80 people.

It's hard to turn down fellow members of our community, being avid conference attendees ourselves we understand how inspiring conferences can be. We'd like for more of you to share in all the awesome which will undoubtedly transpire late this February.

So how do you solve this problem, we want as many of you to come along but we can't seat everyone in the main keynote room. In the interests of making the event available to more of you and without degrading the keynote experience we're implementing the following.

During the opening and closing keynotes for Thursday and Friday, we will broadcast a live audio visual feed of the stage to the upstairs conference room which has no talks scheduled during those times. The presenter's slides will also be displayed side-by-side on a second projector screen so people in that room don't miss any content. This is in effect a spillover room arrangement, whereby people will be directed to once all the seats in the main room have been taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please bear in mind that we're doing this in the interests of making the conference available to more of your community members.

So here is the plan regarding the release of an additional 80 tickets.

On Monday 4th of Feb at 9am, we will release tickets to people currently on the waiting list, you know who you are. Those of you lucky enough to be on that waiting list will have 24 hours to purchase your ticket before we make it available for general sale to the public on Tuesday 5th of Feb at 9am.

Be fast, and secure your spot. This is your absolute last chance, period! Stay tuned to our twitter stream @rubyconf_au for key announcements regarding the release of the additional tickets.

Conference Sold Out

January 28, 2013

Tickets for the conference on February 21-22 have sold out. This is a somewhat bitter-sweet announcement. On the one hand we are delighted to have sold out the inaugural RubyConf Australia. On the other, we are sad not to be able to accommodate everyone who would like to attend.

Consequently, if you're on the wait list it is unlikely that you'll get a ticket. There is, however, a small chance. If a ticket-holder cannot attend and asks for a refund, and you're lucky enough to be at the front of the wait list queue, a ticket will be released to you. If you find yourself in this situation, please buy your ticket within 24 hours. Otherwise we'll release a ticket to the next person in the queue.

Whilst the conference is sold out, there are still a small number of tickets available to the JRuby and Rails4iOS workshops on February 20.

Video Recording

If you don't get to attend the conference, but would still like to see the talks, you're in luck. We are happy to announce that all talks will be recorded. This is also good news for those attending the conference who can't decide on which talk to choose at a particular time. Catch up on the talks you didn't see later!

Videos of all talks will be made available free of charge. More details will be announced at the conference.

Happy New Year!

January 8, 2013

All the best for 2013! Now that the quietest part of the holiday season is over, the organising team is refocussing their efforts to prepare for RubyConf Australia. There's only six weeks until the conference and much to be done.

Now to some items that may interest attendees.


There are still tickets available for all-day workshops on February 20, in particular the Rails for iOS workshop and the JRuby workshop. At $95 for the day, these are unbelievable value. So, if you are an iOS developer who needs to learn server-side skills to complement your app, or if you are a Ruby developer who would like to learn more about JRuby from core team members, take advantage and buy your ticket today!

Rails Girls Event

We are excited to be supporting a Rails Girls event that will take place as part of the workshops day. Tickets for this event will be available separately. For those interested, look out for a news item later this month.

Conference Tickets

If you are still hoping to attend the conference (February 21-22) but do not have a ticket, please make sure you have added your name to the waiting list. Today we started releasing tickets to those on the waiting list. If you are notified by email that a ticket has been released for you, please act promptly! We cannot guarantee that everyone on the waiting list will get the chance to buy a ticket.

Conference Program

We are currently allocating talks to slots in the conference program and aim to have it published within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you should plan to arrive in time to register before the opening keynote on Thursday, which kicks off at 9 am. Also, we are throwing a party on the Friday evening to close the conference so please bear that in mind when making your travel arrangements!


Finally, for those who are attending the conference and like using Lanyrd, the social conference directory, you may like to add yourself to our event on their site, if you haven't already.

That's all for now. Please look out for more news updates in the coming weeks.

Ticket Sales

December 21, 2012

Due to high demand, we have put ticket sales for the conference on hold until early in the new year.

This has been necessary to allow us time to review how many more tickets we can sell and still accommodate important people such the speakers! We anticipate reopening conference ticket sales soon. Meanwhile, you can add your name to the waiting list.

Please note that tickets are still on sale for the workshops.

Talks Selected

December 6, 2012

Following an exacting selection process, talks to round out the program have now been chosen from the submitted proposals.

Details can be found on the speakers page.


November 23, 2012

Tickets are now available for Advanced Ruby, Code Retreat, JRuby and Rails for iOS workshops on Wednesday, February 20. More details will be posted soon.

Talks Selection

November 21, 2012

Our expert panel has been applying themselves to selecting 22 talks from many excellent proposals, a task which is taking longer than expected.

Stay tuned!

90 Proposals Received

November 1, 2012

At the close of the talks CFP, 90 proposals had been received, posing a challenge to select the final talks. Thanks to all who submitted!

Lindsaar joins Keynotes

August 14, 2012

Mikel Lindsaar, the only Australian member of the Rails commit team, will round out the keynote presenters at RubyConf Australia.

Dave Thomas to Keynote

July 11, 2012

Dave Thomas, of Pragmatic Programmers fame, will be delivering a keynote as well as an Advanced Ruby workshop at RubyConf Australia.

First Keynote Speakers

June 15, 2012

Corey Haines and Aaron Patterson have been secured as the first keynote speakers for RubyConf Australia.

Jasper Hotel booked

April 26, 2012

The Jasper Hotel, in the heart of Melbourne, was today confirmed as the venue for the inaugural Australian Ruby Conference.