Ruby Conf Australia 2013

20-22 February 2013

Melbourne, Australia

Conference is over

Until next time, happy programming!


Thank you for making RubyConfAU possible

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Envato is a startup based out of Australia with people around the world and sites serving pages every second. We started in a living room in 2006 and have been steadily working to build our company into a world-class contender. Our background is creative, we love open source, we believe that work is about way more than just making money, and we’re totally committed to making products that are awesome!

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ThoughtWorks is not your typical company. Talented, driven and principled people who are passionate about software, brought together because they want to do something amazing. Amazing work for our clients is the front line, revolutionizing the way the industry works is a gradual effect, improving society through software is our long term goal.


Founded in 1995, has grown to become Australia’s No.1 property site, with 3 million people visiting a month. We offer comprehensive real estate listings and information to help property seekers at all stages of their journey – from browser to buyer or tenant.

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Fairfax Media Limited is a leading multi-platform media company in Australasia.

Ice Lab

Icelab is an interactive design studio that operates out of state-of-the-art laboratories in Canberra and Melbourne.


Flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling websites.

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Everyday Hero

Spread the word, inspire support and raise money for a cause you care about.


Ninefold is the Australian alternative to Amazon AWS, EC2, and S3.

New Relic

Application Performance Management for Ruby, PHP, .Net, Java and Python Apps.

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Campaign Monitor

Send beautiful email newsletters with Campaign Monitor.

Lookahead Search

We help top companies build web and mobile development teams.


Monitor your whole site, not just your web server.

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Where ideas are engineered.


Powerful collaboration, review, and code management for open source and private development projects.