RubyConf AU 2020

A conference to share Ruby knowledge
amongst like-minded Ruby fanatics.

20th - 21st February 2020

Melbourne Town Hall, 90-130 Swanston St

Tickets coming soon

Nadia Speaking
RubyConf AU 2019 speaker Nadia Odunayo. Photographer: John Carney

What is
RubyConf AU?

Our yearly gathering where we share knowledge about the Ruby programming language, and celebrate the Australian and broader Ruby community.

With a mixture of local and international speakers, there will be two day of talks. We'll cover topics that interest, excite, and delight Rubyists and the Ruby-curious of all levels. There will also be social events hosted where you will get the opportunity to meet like-minded people!

Event Sponsors

We're currently looking for sponsors! If you'd like to sponsor RubyConf AU, please visit Ruby Australia.